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The JCW Platform is designed and built for a digital world for National Organizations and Local Organizations. The team behind the JCW Platform have been or are JCI members for many years and we understand from a local level to national or regional. 

I worked together with Keith in my role as Advocacy and PR Manager at JCI Europe in 2018/2019. Keith set up the website for the European JCI campaign, "Step Up For Europe“ and thus helped to grow the international impact of the campaign.

 The platform was extremely easy to use and maintain and the communication and cooperation with Keith throughout the whole development and technical support process was smooth and uncomplicated.

I was very satisfied with the results and would definitely recommend working with Keith.

Magdalena Riedel
Area Manager for JCI Europe 2018,
Advocacy and PR Manager 2019, JCI Europe

In JCI Galway 2018 we relaunched our new website and it helped us to expand our membership base with fast & effective registrations within months of it going live.

Our focus was more than information pages but as a tool to grow. The built-in events system allowed us to save extra fees and the CRM side of the platform helped us to keep track of all everything and push our communications better.

The support & service made the difference to us all year and afterwards. I highly recommend talking to them and see what they can do for you.

Carol Ho
Local President 2017, JCI East Kowloon
Local President 2018, JCI Galway
National President 2021, JCI Ireland

When I was looking for a new website for JCI Ireland, I instantly thought of Keith. His passion for telling an organisation or company's story in a professional way, onscreen was just what I was looking for. 

 It is such an important part of our brand and the first place people go to see what we are about, I wanted to get it right.  From the first project management meeting with Keith, it was evident that his commitment was to me getting the best result for my team. Keith throughout the project took the time to discuss decisions from specifics such as usability of the front end of the system, for customers and the effective running of the back end system to support the needs of the organisation.

Keith commitment to communicating to me as project manager on the project was invaluable to getting the job done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Keith and his team to anyone looking for website development.

Theresa Cahill
Local President 2017, JCI Dublin
National Board Director 2018, JCI Ireland

Who is using the JCW Platform?

We have been building up the JCW Platform for multiple years and going through iterations with feedback & improvements. The following is Organizations who got early access and helped to shape the platform. 

Onboarding Process

When you select the JCW Platform White-Label as your next website for your National Organization, our team will work with you all the way from start to finish with it. Contact us today.

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Demo Access

The JCW Platform brings everything under one roof to run your JCI Organization and you can check it out with the Demo Version to see if it is a fit for your National / Local Organizations. We can help answer any questions you have and migrations involved.