The Junior Chamber
Web Platform

Everything you need to manage your JCI National Organization and community all on one platform.

One solution to run your National and Local Organizations

The JCW Platform helps to reduce the amount of Administration involved with managing Members, Local Organizations and Board Voting Strengths. Save costs on transaction fees with the built-in Events system, Membership dues and time with automatic Invoicing / Receipts. High end Security, GDPR, and personal information & orders are all Encrypted. Plus Community tools to build better connections with your Members Network.

Designed for National Boards, Local Officers and Members. Local Organizations are all housed under the National Platform while retaining all the abilities to run their local chapter and oversight for National Directors. The Junior Chamber Web Platform enhances your organization and gives you more time to focus on JCI activities.


Online Payments & Plans


Member Events & Conferences


Sell Products & Services


Pre-Built JCI Pages

Local Profiles

Micro-Websites Per LO


National Management Tools


Nominations, Lists & Voting


Communications & Network


Collaboration Tools & Pages


Local Members Management


Board Voting Strengths


Accounts & Profiles

What are JCI organizations saying about us

In JCI Galway 2018 we relaunched our new website and it helped us to expand our membership base with fast & effective registrations within months of it going live.

Our focus was more than information pages but as a tool to grow. The built-in events system allowed us to save extra fees and the CRM side of the platform helped us to keep track of all everything and push our communications better.

The support & service made the difference to us all year and afterwards. I highly recommend talking to them and see what they can do for you.

Carol Ho
Local President 2017, JCI East Kowloon
Local President 2018, JCI Galway
National President 2021, JCI Ireland

  • Online Membership Bookings

    Sign up new members quickly with membership plans tailored to your National Organization with different payment options from Student Memberships to Full Members, Prospective Members and flexible subscription durations.

  • Billing, Receipts and Payments

    Every order generates automatic receipts and PDF copies sent by email. Renewals of Membership Plans is easy and accept online bookings with Stripe Payments on Memberships, Patrons, Events and Store.

  • Events & Online Store

    Display your public projects & marketing with ease by using the drag & drop frontend builders. Also run projects & programs with Survey Forms and Voting systems. Sell online with the eCommerce Store and training / speaker tickets with the Events system.

  • Community Network & Private Messages

    Connecting all your members under one roof on your website platform with member profiles, activities and newsfeed with likes, shares & comments. Members can use the private messaging to run team based projects or communicate with each other without the noise of popular alternatives.

  • Multiple Local Organizations & Locations

    Your National Organization can bring in all your Local Chapters / Organizations under one website with mini-website profiles and each Local Organization is it's own self-contained group with their own local members & payments, while still all connected to the one National Platform.

  • Memberships & Payments

    New and current members are assigned to each Local Group and pay that Local Organization directly, while any National Organization fees are separated automatically. Flexible membership plans allows a wide range of options to suit each chapter / local Organization. 

  • Dashboards & Management

    All members gain access to the Members Dashboard, where they are connected to all local organizations members and view all the latest activities. Every Local President / Manager can manage their own members and the National Organization can manage all Local Organizations / Chapters.

  • Members Communications & Profiles

    Members can view profiles of each other within their Local Organization or across all LO's / Chapters in the National Organization. Private messages between members helps with committees and projects.

  • Flexible Memberships

    Unlimited number of Membership Plans, each plan has a range of options from recurring payments to subscription durations of per month, year or even 3 months. Ask new sign-ups questions as part of the process, offer discounts or additional add-ons per plan. 

  • Payment Gateways

    The platform uses Stripe Payments which offers a range of options from Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay (mobile), Apple Pay (mobile), to Bank Transfers and more.

  • Voting Calculations Per LO / Chapter

    The system takes all active & fully paid members of each Local Organization and calculates the voting strengths of each LO / Chapter based on the settings how each National Organization works for Board Meetings. 

  • Committees & Activities

    Assign members to committees and work as a team on various projects with private messages and groups. Activity logs help all members know what is happening with the latest blogs, upcoming events and important news.

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Let us show you the full demo of the JCW Platform and answer any questions you have. The JCW Platform is highly flexible to suit any National Organization, big or small and we are always improving the technology with regular updates, enhancements and new features.

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