Multi-Group Organization

One solution to run your Organization with multiple groups or chapters

The JCW Platform for JCI Organizations helps to bring all your members together in the digital world for online bookings, event trainings, projects, communications and e-commerce store. Members can login to their Dashboard and access all important files, account details and the internal communications tools. 

The JCW Platform for Organizations comes as a White-Label CMS Product Solution that can be installed on any server hosting account you have or switch your hosting to our AWS Servers. The White-Label version gives you the full source code access needed to own, change and adjust your Organization Website as you want. Receive regular software updates with improvements, fixes and new features that will keep your website up to date with all the latest trends. Later in 2021, we will be launching the SaaS version for smaller Organizations, Dedicated Projects, and Multi-Group Organizations.

The Multi-Organization Solution

The JCW Platform for Organizations allows separated Groups or Chapters with their own mini-website, membership plans, events, and members management.

The Multi-Group version includes everything of the Organization Version, while expanding the platform where all Groups are under one Organization Website but can operate on their own while still connected. Take a look at the Organization version for more details.

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Separate Billing Per Organization

Each Organization Group or Chapter is self-contained within your Organization, which includes their own Payments Gateway (Stripe) to receive payments directly from Membership or Event Orders. Invoices / Receipts feature the name & details of that Group.

Group Managers do not see other chapter details or orders, everything works as if they have their own independent website but are under your Organization Platform.

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Chapter Memberships & Payments

Each Group or Chapter can create or edit any of their membership plans with different prices, membership durations and options, including payments made to that Group.

At the Organization level, you can view all Groups and their membership plans with the ability to make adjustments if required. Organization fees are automatically taken and paid directly with each membership order as set by your rates with your Local Groups.

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Group Managers & Dashboards

Each Group or Chapter has a Manager (President) that can administrate everything needed from Membership Plans to Events and more. Organization Managers can access extra details and abilities to run the Organization & Groups / Chapters.

Both Groups and Organization Managers access a special Admin Dashboard to manage the platform, alongside access to the Members Dashboard with all members.

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Interconnected Community

All members across the Organization can engage with each other within the Community Network, view posts in the Newsfeed and Private Message each other.

Each Chapter has their own group & newsfeed that other group members can not view but everyone can interact within the Organization group and see updates from members across all Chapters. 

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Locations Map

New members can also view on a special Google Map where the locations of every Group / Chapter in your Organization is and includes search filters. A summary list on one side shows the search results of what the new member is looking for. 

For Organizations with a large number of Groups or Chapters, this location map & search filters helps new users to navigate quickly and efficiently across all of them.

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Frontend Pages

The JCW Platform comes with over a dozen public pages ready built to be tailored to your Organization. Information, National Board, Past Presidents, Projects, and others. 

Each Group / Chapter has a one page website with important details about them and membership plans automatically connected. Group Managers can adjust the details of their page with ease but can not edit other pages of the Organization Website. 

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Multi-Group Admin Management

The Admin Dashboard gives you everything you need to manage the platform, from members to modules and access to all transactions in one place. Enhance your SEO of the website or send important notifications alerts to all members in one go.

Alongside the Admin Dashboard, is the Members Dashboard. This is where all Members of the Organization will go to when logged in and access the Network, Messages, Account Details, and Documents.

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