JCW Organization Website

One solution to run your Organization

The JCW Platform for JCI Organizations helps to bring all your members together in the digital world for online bookings, event trainings, projects, communications and e-commerce store. Members can login to their Dashboard and access all important files, account details and the internal communications tools. 

The JCW Platform for Organizations comes as a White-Label CMS Product Solution that can be installed on any server hosting account you have or switch your hosting to our AWS Servers. The White-Label version gives you the full source code access needed to own, change and adjust your Organization Website as you want. Receive regular software updates with improvements, fixes and new features that will keep your website up to date with all the latest trends. Later in 2021, we will be launching the SaaS version for smaller Organizations, Dedicated Projects, and Multi-Group Organizations.

The Complete Framework

The JCW Platform comes with 4 main parts: Admin Dashboard, Members Dashboard, Modules and the Frontend Drag & Drop Builders for editing pages. 

Everything you need to promote your organization, sign-up new members, manage memberships and run projects or events.

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JCW Platform Features

Billing & Payments

Accept Online Payments across a range of solutions from Memberships to Patrons, Event Tickets to E-Commerce Store products. Automatic generation of Invoices & Receipts per order with email notifications and PDF copies.

Download all transactions in CSV, Excel, PDF or sync to your accounting package. Clear and transparent checkout system with low transaction fees from Stripe Payments.

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Memberships & Patrons

Breakdown of every member and their memberships, activity, and events / trainings attended. Easy renewal process with reminder notifications and GDPR best practices. 

New members sign-ups can include questionnaires to fill in, flexible plans with different membership durations, recurring payments if required, discounts and much more. Sign up Patrons or Project Sponsors with online payments & options.

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Trainings & Events

Run your upcoming events on your own website with the JCW Events system and save member costs with lower transaction fees. Ideal for trainings, courses and speakers with single date events or multiple dates spread across weeks or months.

Mass Import your current attendees, add attendees who turn up at the door, and print the attendees list. Offer discounts, early bird prices and Google Map directions. 

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Community Network & Dashboard

Members can login to their own Dashboard of your Organization and access their account information, view receipts of their orders and access files or documents as needed.

Every member is automatically connected to each other with the internal community network with newsfeed, posts, comments, likes, messages and shares. View profiles of every member with descriptions and portfolio of photos & videos. 

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Projects & Online Store

Run projects that needs Survey Forms in collection information for Nominations and also public Voting (1 vote per user). Committees can be formed with communication tools such as groups, messaging and documents. 

The Online Store can help your organization to sell products or services, discounts to members and a wide range of options to support your organization. 

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Frontend Pages

The JCW Platform comes with over a dozen public pages ready built to be tailored to your Organization. Information, Local Board, Past Presidents, Projects, and others. 

The Drag & Drop Builder makes easy work out of editing or creating future pages as needed. All pages are fully Mobile Responsive, including the modules for any bookings using the mobile phone. Add HTML, Styles and Animations without opening files.

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Admin Management

The Admin Dashboard gives you everything you need to manage the platform, from members to modules and access to all transactions in one place. Enhance your SEO of the website or send important notifications alerts to all members in one go.

Alongside the Admin Dashboard, is the Members Dashboard. This is where the Members of your Organization will go to when logged in and access the Network, Messages, Account Details, and Documents.

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